Ironhack Alumni Summit
March 2019 in Madrid, Spain
Ticket sales ends on February 25th 2019!
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Who will be there?

Slide down Irene Pereyra
UX/UI Design From Anton&Irene
Irene Pereyra

Anton & Irene is a design studio based in Brooklyn, NY. Some of their clients are USA Today, Spotify, Apple, Porsche, Nintendo, Google, and Wacom, among many others. Irene founded this studio with her friend Anton and they have received many awards; between them they've won Webby Awards, a European Design Awards, a Communication Arts Award, and CSS Design Awards.

Connector Connector Lea Verou
Web Development
Lea Verou

Lea is passionate about open web standards, and she is one of the few Invited Experts of the W3C CSS Working Group since 2012. In the past, she has also worked at W3C/MIT as a Developer Advocate.

She has given over 100 talks at web design/web development conferences around the world.

Connector Connector Luis Delgado
Luis Delgado

Luis is a Security Engineer working in the Product Security team at Facebook. His current focus is Mobile Platform/Application security and their software PKI. He received many recognitions for his great expertise in Cybersecurity such as being part of Tuenti Hall of Fame, Facebook Whitehat and Google Security Hall.

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What will we do?

Networking Breakfast

Join us in our networking breakfast and meet other Ironhackers and some of our hiring partners.

Welcome Speech

Ariel QuiƱones (Ironhack Co-Founder) will give a welcome speech.

Talk: Selling & Presenting Design with Irene Pereyra

Irene will talk about their process as a studio, give examples of their projects to highlight their methods, and discuss some tips and tricks for best practices. Also she will be available one hour after her talk to answer all your questions!


Enjoy a delicious lunch with all the Ironhackers and prepare for the next activity.

Talk: Luis Delgado Security Engineer at Facebook

Luis will share some of his knowledge and experience in cybersecurity and give us an insight into how they work in improving cybersecurity at Facebook.

Talk: Even More CSS Secrets with Lea Verou

Lea will talk about ten surprising yet practical things you didn't know you could do in CSS, live-coded in Lea's trademark interactive presentation style. Prepare to be inspired again as Lea debuts ten all-new feats of advanced CSS wizardry, which will help you understand CSS at a much deeper level.

Ironpitch: How would you present your project to investors?

If you have a future project in mind, you can present your project to our jury of specialists from the tech field, startups, and sales/marketing experts and they will give you feedback on how you can improve your pitch to convince your future investors.

This jury will also choose a winner that will receive the Iron Pitch award. If you want to participate, please send an email to to book your slot. Slots are limited.

Spanish Lunch

Taste authentic Spanish dishes and wines.

City Tour (Optional)

Enjoy a guided tour and discover some of the most popular places in Madrid. You'll also grab some beers in the city center. This is an optional activity, but you shouldn't miss it!

Gala Dinner & Alumni Awards

Wear your best outfit for our gala dinner! We will announce the Alumni awards and recognize some alumni for their passion, collaboration, and success.

Closing Party

Time to party - Ironhacker style! We've got four hours of open bar and a DJ.

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Not sure where to sleep?

For accomodation options please send an email to and you will receive information regarding accomodation options.

Alumni Summit

Come meet other Ironhackers from all around the world and enjoy two days of talks from our industry experts.

Let's build together the biggest tech community!
March 2019 in Madrid, Spain
Ticket sales ends on February 25th 2019!
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